Everyeye.it is one of the oldest gaming websites in the italian web landscape. Born 20 years ago from its founders’ passion for video games, it is today among the top 50 websites in Italy for unique visitors (Source: ComScore).
Over the years, this core section has been joined by others dedicated to Cinema, TV Series, Technology, Comics and Automotive. Our goal is to provide our audience with all the news from around the world, always with a curious and attentive look and without forgetting to delve into the past of every medium explored.
Each portal has an independent editorial team, and every single one is connected with the others to offer the most complete perspective upon every topic.
In time, we built a great and large community, a rapidly growing YouTube channel, and the most important Twitch channel in Italy dedicated to gaming, technology and cinema from a journalistic point of view.

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  • TikTok SUBSCRIBERS:80.000
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Everyeye’s gaming section was created with one goal in mind: to provide the most comprehensive overview of the video game industry through reviews, editorials and feature articles. Thanks to a vast production of articles and videos, created by a team of competent and passionate editors, Everyeye aims to raise the quality bar more and more, in order to remain the reference point for the Italian video game journalism.

esport everyeye.it/esport

Everyeye Esports was developed alongside the main gaming section to provide our audience with an in-depth look at the world of competitive gaming, which has grown exponentially over the last years. Everyeye.it has always followed this part of the gaming industry with attention, curiosity and passion, trying to give our readers a complete picture of this “new world” through news, articles and interviews involving his main players.

MOVIES cinema.everyeye.it

Everyeye Cinema showcases the latest trends in the film industry, from cinecomics to international blockbusters, without forgetting art films. We provide daily updates on the new contents available on several streaming services such as Netflix, Apple TV and Disney +, to make sure our users are always up to date with all the news coming from the entertainment industry. Our selection of editorial contents includes news, reviews and feature articles, created to offer the most comprehensive look at the world of cinema.

Serial and Tv serial.everyeye.it

TV series now represent a major part of the entire entertainment industry. In a time when these contents are spread through several streaming services, and well beyond the traditional media, our editorial team aims to offer a comprehensive guidance to all the readers: best series, the services that stream them when they air and an in-depth analysis of every content. International series, Italian fiction and national TV scheduling: for each of these three areas, we offer dozens of content including news, feature articles and reviews.

Anime & Comics anime.everyeye.it

The anime and manga sector has recently peeped out of its own niche, aggressively appearing on the global mainstream market. The Anime&Fumetti section wanted to respond to this need when it was (re)born in the autumn of 2017. Since then it has established itself as one of the first realities of information on the world of anime and comics.

Tech and Science tech.everyeye.it

Our goal with Everyeye Tech is to create a meeting point for tech enthusiasts of all skill levels, providing them with all the latest news, insights and reviews from the world of technology. From smartphones to televisions, from GPUs to CPUs, we aim to offer a detailed look at the tech-world, giving a comprehensive guidance to both experts and amateurs, counting on the competence and the passion of our editorial team.

Despite being one the youngest branch of the site, Everyeye Auto has already become become a reference point for all italian motoring enthusiasts. Our main focus is to provide our audience with an attentive look at the future of the automotive sector, without forgetting the origins, the tradition of this industry, and even offering high quality analysis of the best sport cars of the international landscape.

Lifestyle lifestyle.everyeye.it

The Lifestyle section aims to offer a different point of view on the main trends of the moment, in an accessible but authoritative way. Over 300,000 readers just a few months after opening mark a new record for a new section of the site. We are here to talk about culture and technology, exhibitions and music, passing through travel, art, books, cryptocurrencies and curiosities from the world, with a light cut but no less attentive to detail.